2014 was a hell of a year for CBC.

Exhibit A: We’re all the way through January, and we haven’t had a chance to write about the insanity for a good four weeks into the new year! For that reason, the next couple of posts will focus on what made this one a year for the books.


We are a boutique creative studio, but we’re also a growing business.  We know what it means to be happily overflowing with requests for design work, foregoing sleep to meet more than one deadline, and realizing it is time to hire, and then hire some more, all the while finding ways to make your sweet, petite studio that much more dynamic in order to fit it all in. But this incredible pattern of growth makes finding a time to appreciate it all and reflect that much more significant.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.34.14 AM

With all that we’ve done and learned in the past year, we got to mark an important anniversary: we went from Velcro to laces and turned three years old! Light sarcasm aside: it was truly mind-blowing to realize that in 2012 Torie started Cherry Blossom Creative out of nothing more than the desire to live a creative life and by 2015 CBC is a full blown design studio of badass ladies. Realizing what a milestone we had hit, there was nothing else to do but throw ourselves a birthday party and revel! Why? Because that’s just what you do.


A week into the new year we found ourselves packed into the top floor of Union Kitchen with over 50 of our dearests friends and clients (many both), old and new. It was some of those very friends/clients that provided a marvelous assortment of eats and dranks. Glens Garden Market (of our chalkboard art) put together truly beautiful platters of local charcuterie, cheese, crackers, spreads and salmon- enough to feed 50 hungry design enthusiasts. Blind Dog Bakery, whose cookie labels we designer, graced us with a hill of their award winning, best-ever-and-don’t-you-forget-it, chocolate chip cookies; our dear friend and bakery extraordinaire, Meredith Tomason of Rare Sweets, where we did a full brand build out (one of our favorites), made us our very own birthday cake, and “Motherf**king Cheesesticks” (copy right pending) were provided by Meg Murray of Thunder Pig Confectionery and Agent Marmalade.

Bellies full, bottles popped, we raised our glasses not just to what this business has done in the last three years but to what our experience stands for: That it is possible to make something out of nothing if you love it enough, that you can make a living as a creative, and that ladies just know how to run it better.

We also thanked the Universe for coffee, wine, good humor, great friends, nice paper and one another. Here’s to another three years!