Cherry Blossom Creative is now accepting applications for our yearly pro-bono project. Once a year we offer up to $2,000 of complementary design services to an organization we believe in who has a truly compelling project that we can really sink our pens into.  So if you or a friend has an organization and a key design project that you just don’t have the budget for we really, really want to hear about it!

Over the years our roster of clients has grown and grown, and we’re proud about the variety of work we’ve created for non-profits who do meaningful work in our communities and in the world.  We want more of this important work. Design is our passion, but we care deeply about the world around us as well and have a personal commitment to using our expertise and resources to help awesome non-profit organizations further their missions.

For last years pro-bono project we had a blast with the fine folks at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens.  If you don’t know – the Gardens is a non-profit, designated natural area of Anacostia Park where each spring/summer you can get a real reboot from city living.  We’re especially keen on the Lotus and Water Lily Festival where your mind is likely to fall out of your face when you see the totally beautiful and surreal, giant water lilies- the crown jewel of the park.  Our project for Kenilworth was to create an illustrated map of the garden grounds showing the different types of flora and fauna thriving just outside of the city. The gardens have sold this map in their gift shop, adding a new aesthetic and helping to generate income for the small organization.LOESiSxCk84P-w1orZV-ZdLYMM8dXMGZ_Dlxfss0nF4

This year, we’re doing it again and we want all of DC to know- if you are a designated 501-C3 in the Washington DC metro area in need of any kind of design services, please check out our website and portfolio or pass it on to a friend in need and let us know how you think we can help.  The organization chosen will receive up to $2,000 worth of design services for absolutely zilch, zero, nada- however we will take your undying love and friendship. You must apply by close of business FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13th to be considered!

First things first- To apply for our pro-bono project please send an email to our Project Manager, Lorenne Gavish at with the following information:


1) Who you are and what your organization is all about

2) Why you and your colleagues are passionate about your work

3) Your project proposal, and why it’s important to you


We’re pretty pumped to start receiving your applications, and to hear all about your wonderful organizations that just need a little design love to really save/conquer the world!


Yours in all things good and lovely,

Torie, Lorenne and Michelle