50 Ways to Wear a Scarf by Lauren Friedman is the awesomely illustrated and brilliantly simple step-by-step guide to pulling yourself together through the art of scarf-wearing.

We can attest to the source, not just because we’ve applied the lessons ourselves, but because Lauren is a friend, former studio-neighbor, and partner.  In fact, Lauren wrote this book in a studio next door to CBC! Together, we created the branding for the Blind Dog Café, and the flower wall for the Founding Fathers pop up at Living Social in NW D.C.  We’ve seen her artistry at work in branding and illustration collaborations with CBC and watched her walk through the CBC offices with some serious fashion looks. We definitely trust the woman’s expertise.

IMG_1156Lauren says that a scarf is the perfect way to finish an outfit – whether tying one around the neck, head, or waist – the possibilities are endless. She illustrated the book herself using Prismacolor markers and used her personal (and beautiful) scarf collection to break down the steps for each style.  A scarf-wearing novice will get it in no time, and a scarf wearing pro can learn a thing or 50.

512_F_St_ccWe are so psyched to see a good friend and fellow artist get to tie together (see what I did there?) their talent and knowledge into one awesome book.  You can follow Lauren’s blog, My Closet in Sketches, and  nab a copy of “50 Ways” for yourself, after which you will have an entire book of reasons to go scarf shopping.   Enjoy!