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Our office is great, especially with our sexy new farm table. But who doesn’t love company adventure time; getting out of your usual workspace and the schedule where lunch is the most exciting, beautiful moment of the day? Recently, Team Blossom embarked on a Wednesday Fun-Day to collect materials for one of our coolest current projects.  In just a few weeks we’ll be installing a sizable work of art in the Takoma Central Apartments– a lush and tactile representation of Takoma Park itself, made completely from materials collected from the small businesses that make Takoma one of the outlying gems of the DMV.

Donuts and bagOn this particular, lovely day we began our journey with a stop at Seasonal Pantry in Shaw. The line was already out the door at the “supper club” which was hosting a wildly delicious fried chicken and donuts pop-up by the award winning, master “pastry warrior”, Naomi Gallego. In addition to her incredible crafting of baked goods at high end venues in D.C, Naomi also runs the “Department of Donuts”. These are not your average donuts; these specimens are works of art, featuring flavors like of Earl Grey or lavender. This of it this way: if Dunkin Donuts is the basic bitches of the world, then Department of Donuts is Beyonce.

We tackled these beauties in the parking spot-turned reserved seating for chicken and donut consumption and then heaved ourselves back to the real world.

At Takoma Park we collected materials from every type of store we possibly could. This ranged from a fitness gym (MAD Fitness), to a bike shop (the Green Commuter), theatrical arts supplier (Kinetic Artistry), pet store (The Big Bad Woof) and the local food Co-op (TPSS Co-op).  We walked around with computer chips, bike wheels, hair rollers, spotlight gels, giant hairbrushes, playing cards and pieces of yoga mattes.  It was magical.


As any good day does, we started it with food and ended it so at Republic.  We ordered a spread of their delicious selection of oysters, the Smith Meadows farm burger, and a  tomato and blueberry salad, and washed it all down with some smooth adult beverages.  We know we’re not a food blog, but we consider our taste buds pretty trustworthy- we do, after-all, play guinea pig to a lot of the UK businesses, so when we recommend Republic, we hope you’ll feel pretty good about the tip.  The inside of Republic has a great modern speak-easy feel but we took our meal outside  on patio,  which feels like a sunny Barcelona alley-way with these sweet wall gardens!

hanging garden

So thank you, Takoma Park for your community of small businesses which not only brings a diversity and playfulness to places to shop or just hangout, but for your business owners who care about their town, take pride in their work and are excited to be a part of artwork.  Now keep an eye out for our final creation going up at the Takoma Central Apartments soon!

To close our story time: All of the little Blossoms then piled in amongst our lovely collection of materials, falling deep into a food coma, and drove off into the sunset…