Great news! We’re now going to be featuring blog posts from our intern (soon-to-be project manager!) Lorenne Gavish. Read her first post below. You can follow her on twitter @lorennegavish and check out her awesome creative project xx, the Caberet. – Torie

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I don’t know who had the idea first, but it was a good one.  Capital One’s “I am Small Business Proud” campaign is sending NYC-based filmmakers, Trisha Dalton and John Sears on a “social media-powered” road trip across the United States.  The purpose of the journey is to collect and share the stories of small businesses across every industry, from every walk of life.  As I write this, the crew has stopped in 25 states, visited 169 businesses across 9,114 miles, all in 69 days.  When the trip made its way to D.C, not too long ago, they chose Cherry Blossom Creative and our Creative Director warrior princess, Ms. Torie Partridge, as their subject for the day.

I showed up early that Thursday to see our lovely little office, usually full of Union Kitchen members shuffling in and out in pursuit of that perfect mix of work and socializing, had been turned into a film set for the day.

In late morning light, the Small Business Proud team were all leaning in, listening to Torie’s story of how she became a “creative professional” and small businesses owner.  In this case, one where young DoD employee, gets the “all clear” to exit the bomb shelter after being mortared on her base in Baghdad, Iraq, and heads back to her CHU (containerized housing unit) where she’ll have a sleepless and yet pivotal night.

Torie’s memory resonates with a lot of us: starting off on an interesting enough, respectable, and financially secure professional track because, “…a bunch of different people got me to believe that there was no way to be an artist and to make money” and the good news, “…which is categorically not true”.

Then there’s that moment of realization, when you suddenly become all too aware that you want something else out of life and decide that you can have it, and then your brain explodes. Like Torie said: “…all of a sudden it was like ‘I don’t have to do this!’ And it blew my mind! It was amazing to me that all of a sudden I could choose my life.”  BOOM.

That feeling is documented in so many ways throughout the road trippers’ work.  It might ultimately be a campaign for a credit card company, but it’s also the curation of important sentiments that echo a shift in professional and business trends. I, for one, find that pretty damn exciting.

If you have a favorite small businesses, tweet at the road trippers @CapitalOneSpark or fill out the suggestion form on their page.


Signing off,

Lorenne Gavish, CBC Intern, Junior Warrior Princess.