maps lined up

Alright world- or mostly D.C, we’ve finally done it.  You’ve been waiting patiently, asking us over and over in varying languages, tones of distress and volumes and we have finally answered your prayers; as of this week we will be printing our ENTIRE series (thus far) of D.C Neighborhood Maps as GREETING CARDS!  Please do not all rush to purchase these adorable 5”x7” versions of our lovely maps, as you will likely break the internet.

We know they’re the perfect solution for most life events; thank you notes, or just a simple hello, and an affordable way to collect the prints for home decor purposes .  We know your eyes are basically falling out of your face now, but relax.  Remember that there will not only be ample opportunity to acquire adorable postcards on the internet and at pop-up markets around D.C, but that we are always working on the next awesome neighborhood map, and that too will soon be a postcard.

You can  already find our D.C Neighborhood greeting cards at Busboys and Poets’ 14th street location, in their bookstore, Teaching for Change.


*You can mix and match a pack if you find us at markets, or order a set of 6 online!