The studio’s new-do

Having your own studio space means you have full range to redecorate whenever you want, however you want.  We may have a reputation amongst our Union Kitchen neighbors for our tendency to change up décor- but would it not be weird if we didn’t want to make things look better all the time?  Yes, then we would be politicians or accountants or something else with no logical, professional connection to design.   I digress…

This time around we had a couple of goals in mind:
#1: Cherry Blossom Creative is growing; Increase workspace!
#2: Promote efficiency and collaboration

We headed to Off the Beaten Track Warehouse where we had found our beautiful couch and matching side-piece.   Off the Beaten Track is hands down one of the best places to go if you’re looking for a really wonderful, older piece and don’t want to blow an entire pay-check.  Their owners, Greg Kimball and Wendy Hauenstein curate the space beautifully and make it exciting but manageable to take in.


In order to meet our goals we decided the age of the couch had to come and so the age of the CBC farm table was born.  We settled on this unpolished double-plank table-top with clean, white legs to keep it bright and homey in the studio.  We especially dig the notches and scrap-metal details that definitely make the table one of a kind!  We promptly ordered Tolix-style stools in powder blue and yellow to keep it sleek but lively, moved around our shelving system for increased, neat storage and voila!

Studio setup of days past

Studio setup of days past

The couch is occasionally missed when the idea of a nap sounds spectacular but all in all our efficiency, ability to brainstorm off the cuff with one another, and hold comfortable client meetings have reached new levels of greatness.  We also just love spending time in our space, as does everyone else- and that is by far the best part.

The next iteration is always somewhere down the line, whenever we feel inspired to make a change, but for now we are right at home in our sweet little studio!