The Atlantic Plumbing Building in North Shaw

Permits are in, and construction is complete! We are thrilled to announce that major changes have been underway for Cherry Blossom Creative and that by the first week of November, we will unveil our brand new brick and mortar store, Cherry Blossom Workshop, situated in the newly renovated Atlantic Plumbing Building. Our company has grown and so too will our business offerings.

Within the new space, we will have an expanded design studio, a curated retail section featuring locally-made craftsman products, and workshop space for creative collaborations, pop ups, and classes of all kinds! JBG’s mixed-use development in Shaw has been highly anticipated by many as we become neighbors with strong establishments like Nightclub 9:30, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Daikaya, Warby Parker, and and Kit and Ace amongst many others.

This will be a huge stepping-stone for Cherry Blossom as a whole. New opportunities will present itself as we continue to grow, allowing us to provide more for our clients and the DC community as a whole. We are especially excited to host business seminars for those who seek creative and intellectual support in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Cherry Blossom Workshop’s mission will aim to inspire everyone in the community to tap into their most creative self and inspire others to do the same. With the opening of this larger, more compatible space, the possibilities become endless.

We are excited to welcome you all into this new space that will finally be called HOME!

After a fun-filled week of sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing, we took advantage of the now clean and shiny new space for company photos! Check out the serious photos on our About Us page. See below for a sneak peak of our first ever CBC band practice.