Recently we’ve found ourselves discussing or writing (for various exciting reasons) a lot about our mission as a business and a creative space.  Yes, it is a truly great thing to wake up everyday and work on projects whose process as well as product you find joy in.  But our driving force goes way beyond making a living off of artistic work, it’s about creating the city we love and want to live in. It’s about Washington, DC.

Torie told me a story the other day, about a friend of hers who couldn’t complete the sentence “I love DC because…”, but for Torie the answer was simple, “I love DC because it’s a baby!” she said. “We’re not a culturally full-grown city, like New York or LA. We’re not even a rebellious teenager, like Seattle or Austin. We still have a city that’s just starting to come into its own”.  And this is why we love DC because right now we have an incredible opportunity to “shape this into the city of our dreams”.  We have unprecedented access to investment capital, community interest in the creative arts, and driven people who come to this city with big plans.

DC is known for power, government and seen as filled mainly with people who work directly or indirectly for this government, wear grey suites and lead grey lives.  But it’s not true.  First of all some of us used to be those people in those suits and our lives weren’t that grey…maybe a little, but we existed as such and still went to concerts, looked for interesting food, art shows and appreciated innovation and beauty where we could find it- and we were not alone.  It’s not just the Kennedy Center, restaurants you can’t afford or just don’t exactly appeal anymore- better, diverse options are  now vibrantly present in DC, especially with places like Union Kitchen, Union Market, house-venues like Paperhaus and dynamic developments fusing residential living and artistic space such as the Monroe Street Market.  union_market_toki_bakery

Our neighborhoods are changing, artists are moving in, bars, restaurants, coffee houses giving them places to gather, perform, exchange and build their own communities.  The energy produced from all of the possibilities is unmistakable when you’re engaged.


There are a lot of running jokes in DC: Everyone’s a contractor, brunch is sacred, and no one comes to DC to stay.  “We live in a transient city.”  For certain groups of employees this will never change and that’s a very cool part of our collective character but in the last 5 or so years people have started buying homes, laying down roots and this isn’t just because some of the new apartment buildings are ridiculously sexy.  The buildings are sexy because investors know that DC is taking a brilliant turn out of the grey stereotype and into an age of color and evolution.  In order to keep the inner life of our community sparked and people invested in staying here we need to continue to foster the interconnectivity, the neighborhood pride, and the culture of artists and makers who support one another.  We plan on Cherry Blossom Creative being a resource and a member of this shift.  We do our best to make ourselves accessible to small businesses and seasoned entrepreneurs alike so that no matter who you are, good design or good design advice is possible for you; and your ideas for this city, that much more likely to attract the attention and support they deserve.

Opportunities to create and build are all over the place right now and we sure as hell plan on being a part of it, we hope you’re planning on sticking around for it too.