Fall is market and festival season all over DC and Cherry Blossom Creative has been nothing short of a weekend nomad, setting up shop at oh so many great events. Our first market of the season was at Brookland where you don’t just get to enjoy that wholesome, healthy feeling that happens when you purchase fresh produce (from its growers none-the-less) but where you’re also surrounded by the awesome artist studios and shops that line the first floor of the Monroe Street Market. We were blown away by the Brookland pride that showed up when we pulled out the new Brookland map, which we premiered there, September 6th.  Thanks for the warm reception, Brookland! As far as we’re concerned y’all are the bees knees.

The next weekend we were part of the sea of shopping that was the Adams Morgan Day.  We are always energized by the responses we get, and the endless number of people getting to identify “Oh, there’s my house!”.  We love that our work isn’t just something people like to look at, but something they can actually point to and say… this is my city, and right there… that’s my home.


If AdMo day was a sea then H street Festival was the great convergence with a reported 125,000 attendees.  As expected – our H street print reigned most popular alongside our DC print and we got our fair share of requests.  This is what implores us to issue the following PSA: Dear DC, we heart you so hard and plan on getting to ALL of the neighborhoods that make up our awesome city, so don’t be shy about writing down your info and requesting your neighborhood when you see us! We love finding out which neighborhoods get the most support and then getting them out as fast as we can to the awesome residents awaiting their arrival. You can also tweet requests to us at @CBCreativeDC on twitter.

We’ll be taking this weekend off to get ourselves good and ready for a BACK TO BACK festival weekend! (SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAAAY but also SATURDAY!) October 4th will be Columbia Heights day and rest will be for the weak when we head straight to Takoma Park Street Festival on Sunday.


Consider becoming a Blossom groupie and following us around to these awesome events.  Our feet might get a wee bit tired but no matter what, we look forward to meeting you guys, and feel especially lucky to take part in these festivals that are filled with music and artistry.  Seeing the other vendors and realizing first-hand how much talent fills up D.C makes us some happy ladies.  Follow us on Twitter to track us down with the greatest of ease at any of these festivals.

Happy Fall, and we’ll see you ’round!