Occasionally there are projects which, for whatever reason, get made and then get abandoned. Instead of hiding them in the shadows, I’ve decided they deserve to see the light of day – if only on the blog!

Thus, the League of Abandoned Projects began.

This week’s feature: a new logo for the Atlas Leadership Program. This was discussed, they wanted to see options, but eventually the client decided they’d spent enough time promoting the program under their current logo to change it at this time.
[drop_cap style=”2″ bgcolor=”#dddddd” color=”#787882″]1[/drop_cap]

I didn’t create their first logo, but I’m not crazy about it. For a program that does the majority of its classes online, using the book in their logo makes it feel a little too much like a social studies textbook company from the 90’s. My aim was to give them a logo to made their program more modern, with fresher colors and an update to their technology.

[drop_cap style=”2″ bgcolor=”#dddddd” color=”#787882″]2[/drop_cap]

So I added a USB cable! And a cleaner font. And a slightly brighter color palette. But kept with their branding of a globe where continents are made of white dots and a blue and white color scheme. It’s also multi-directional, while still maintaining its recognizability.


[drop_cap style=”2″ bgcolor=”#dddddd” color=”#787882″]3[/drop_cap]

We’re going back to the original logo, but I did persuade them to change the font to the one I preferred – which I think helps to make it look incrementally more modern.

Aborted project, now shared with you!