Kenilworth 2One of our favorite projects we’ve completed this summer has been our pro-bono work for the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens.

Each year CBC picks an organization that we know and believe in and commit to providing them with stellar design work free of charge.  This year we met with representatives from the National Park Service and Friends of the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens to discuss the project.  Torie toured the park for inspiration and sat down with our contacts to decide what natural wildlife; plants and animals we wanted to include in the drawing.  She used a combination of park guides and satellite imagery to be sure that we got the lines of the  ponds and Anacostia River just

It is the first illustration that has been executed totally digitally, and we really enjoyed using our Wacom Intuos tablet and digital brushes from Kyle T Webster. The poster was finished just in time for the absolutely incredible Lotus and Water Lily Festival on July 9th.  The festival happens every year when these big beautiful flowers are in full bloom and we highly recommend penciling it in for next year! The print illustrates what you can find and where you can find it around the grounds, which includes a whole lot of lilies, lotuses, turtles frogs and muskrats.  Yes, muskrats.

Kenilworth is definitely one of D.C’s hidden gems so check it out and support the Garden’s by purchasing their brand new posters, done with love by  yours truly!