2Armadillos Illustrations

Project Description

You’ve seen the bags in Whole Foods, but did you know that each 2Armadillos crispy chickpea snack flavor comes with its own armadillo illustration? The two armadillos, Jimmy Chickpea and Dr. Garbanzo, are always doing different outdoor activities, but always bringing along their favorite protein-packed snacks! Cherry Blossom Creative developed the characters for these sketches and chose activities for five different flavors, including their newest: barbecue!

Project Details

Client 2Armadillos Date October 2014 Skills Illustration Lead Illustrator Torie Partridge

Cayenne Pepper:

Jetpack Armadillos


Two-Person-Biking Armadillos

Cinnamon Toast:

Snow Angel Armadillos


Tailgating Armadillos

Tomato Basil:

Italian Gondola Armadillos