2Armadillos Packaging Design

Project Description

2Armadillos Snack Co came to us with a request for stickers to fit their chrome/clear packages of their delicious crispy chickpea snacks. Cherry Blossom Creative developed a custom geometric sticker shape and southwest style patterning to compliment their brand, and created two armadillo characters (‘Dr. Garbanzo and Jimmy Chickpea’) to represent each flavor. We created three sizes of labels for their three package styles, complete with illustrations and chickpea ‘fun facts’ to make the packaging colorful and interactive.

Project Details

Client 2Armadillos Snack Co

Date March 2014

Skills Illustration, Packaging

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Illustrating the Armadillos

2Armadillos Snack Co stands for healthy snacking, and they wanted an active lifestyle represented in their labels. Cherry Blossom Creative chose various outdoor activities for the two chickpea characters to engage in, showing all the different ways it’s possible to be active while still have fun. These included tandem biking (Rosemary), making snow angels (Cinnamon Toast), rowing a gondola (Tomato Basil), flying with jetpacks (Spicy Cayenne), and throwing a football (BBQ).

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These are some seriously good chickpeas.

Not only did we love getting to create these characters, we also loved having samples of these tasty snacks on hand! 2Armadillos chickpeas are crunchy and flavorful, and pack a lot of protein into a delicious snack. They come highly recommended by the Cherry Blossom team.

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