Black Forest Edibles Packaging

Project Description

Black Forest Edibles needed colorful packaging for their line of vegan, gluten-free frostings. They wanted something that would be friendly for moms and kids, but not so juvenile that it would look out of place in an adult kitchen. Cherry Blossom Creative designed packaging that captured the spirit of the Black Forest in Germany, with large shaggy trees and rolling mountains couples with the classic checkered patterning emblematic of that region.

The Black Forest was also the setting for the Grimms’ Fairy Tales. To represent this, each flavor has a unique fairy tale hidden in the side of the packaging, including Hansel and Gretl (Chocolate), Little Red Riding Hood (Strawberry), Cinderella (Vanilla), and Rapunzel (Lemon).

Project Details

Client Black Forest Edibles

Date March 2013 Skills Packaging


Lead Designer Torie Partridge

No Junk Frostings

Black Forest Edibles’ founder, Gerhard Keuck, was upset about the nature of the prepared foods market, and the way that chemicals and additives had just about overtaken real, healthful ingredients.

“Desserts don’t have to be toxic. They may not be super healthy, but you shouldn’t need a degree in chemistry to figure out what they’re made of, either.”

With that philosophy, they created a line of frostings that are junk-free, and are clearly labeled and honestly marketed.

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Branding + Identity

Cherry Blossom Creative also worked on the branding and identity for Black Forest Edibles, and integrated the modern checker print into the design of the label and the top seal. The seal also included a blended in QR code that links to the company’s website.

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