Blind Dog Bakery Packaging

Project Description

The Blind Dog Bakery, run by Greer Gilchrist out of Union Kitchen, is renowned throughout DC for having the best chocolate chip cookies in the city. For her packaging, we combined Greer’s signature style and love of polka dots to make a sweet, flexible cookie package. The combination of the front sticker and the card insert allowed the cookies to be shelf-stackable, and cute from all angles. The polka dot palette carried over into the various flavors of her cookies, including our personal favorites: honeyed sriracha and spiced apricot!

Project Details

Client Blind Dog Bakery Date August 2014 Skills Branding, Packaging Lead Designer Jenn Geisler

The Illustration 

Baxter, the blind dog who the cafe is named for, got a makeover for this Blind Dog Bakery sub-brand. Illustrator Lauren Friedman added a frilly pink checked apron to his outfit, completing the look for the bakery brand! We chose a pink palette to harken back to the classic bakery recipes that Greer takes inspiration from.