Fenwick Apartment Installation

Project Description

The Fenwick Apartments and Story Social came to Cherry Blossom Creative to design and fabricate an interactive installation that fostered engagement between residents in their new apartment building in downtown Silver Spring. Their building mascot, Fenny the Sheep, became the centerpiece for the installation, prompting residents to answer a series of questions about being good neighbors. They could answer on a flock of sheep-shaped chalkboards that ran down the side of the walkway next to their building. We also brought a social element by allowing people to tag their answers on Twitter or Instagram using the #FindFenny hashtag.

Project Details

Client Fenwick Apartments Date September 2015 Skills Installation Lead Designer Torie Partridge


In keeping with the theme of getting to know the neighborhood, we created a directional Fenny signpost, showing residents how to orient themselves towards different parts of Silver Spring.

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The Questions

The question board was designed with a series of questions like:

What’s on your bucket list?
What’s your next big adventure?
What’s inspiring you today?
Where’s your favorite spot in Silver Spring?
These were made to be interchangeable on a weekly basis, so residents could share a little more about themselves each week. A decorative chalk bucket was installed at the front of the piece so that residents could fill answers out at any time.

Go Check It Out!

Head down to the Fenwick Apartments in Silver Spring to check it out and #FindFenny!