Hill Country BBQ Mural

Project Description

Hill Country BBQ needed a mural, and they needed it fast. They built a stage for their (amazing!) summer concert series at the National Building Museum, but it was just a big empty board with nothing on it. Cherry Blossom Creative mobilized to create a layered, Texan-inspired mural backdrop for bands to play tunes to BBQ enthusiasts all summer long.

Project Details

Client Hill Country BBQ Date June 2014 Skills Mural Lead Designer Torie Partridge

The Red Stripes

True story: The texture blue and the patterns that surrounded the silver Hill Country logo star were planned, but the red stripes were added later. The reason? As we were finishing up painting one afternoon, a gentleman walked by the mural site, took a look at the white star on the blue background, and exclaimed “Now I know you didn’t come all the way to Washington DC to paint a Dallas Cowboy’s logo on a stage!”

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The Silver Star

The entire mural was layered to create a weathered, textured look, and the star in the center was no different. Cherry Blossom Creative used real silver leaf to create a shining metallic star in the middle of the stage, then used sandpaper to weather pieces of it down. The mural went from start to finish with a deadline of 48 hours – but it was a great excuse to spend a day painting in the sunshine!

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