Righteous Cheese Mural

Project Description

When Righteous Cheese, headed by DC superstar-cheesemonger Carolyn Stromberg, opened their stall in Union Market, they commissioned a mural piece from Cherry Blossom Creative that needed to do double duty: it had to function as both their cheese refrigerator cover by night, and a decorative piece by day. We designed a piece that paid homage to the creatures our cheese comes from, and used imaginative typography to embellish their shapes. The backdrop was a rich textured orange ochre field, with the ‘Righteous’ logo applied in real gold foil. Cherry Blossom Creative weather-treated the mural piece to ensure it would hold up to regular movement as well as the moisture of a refrigerator.

Project Details

Client Righteous Cheese Date July 2013 Skills Mural Lead Designer Torie Partridge

The Cheeses


We asked Carolyn to pick her favorite cheeses to fill the typographic detail of the sheep, cow, and goat – and she provided us with a must-try list of cheeses for each. The cheese name location corresponds to the animal that each cheese comes from; all of the cheeses on the cow are cow cheeses, and so on. Head to their delicious stall in Union Market to see this mural piece, and put together a killer cheese board from the recommendations of their talented cheesemongers!