Thunder Pig Confectionery Branding

Project Description

Pastry chef Meg Murray sent us an email last year asking one simple question: “Do you think anyone will eat baked goods from a business called Thunder Pig Confectionery? Or is that too crazy?” Based on her logo and the success of her business, you can probably guess what our answer was.

Project Details

Client Thunder Pig Confectionery Date January 2014 Skills Branding, Design Lead Designer Torie Partridge

The Logo Inspiration

Meg was inspired by Japanese cartoons are indie video games. She wanted something that expressed her colorful personality and the joy that she put into her baked goods. Her only direction to Cherry Blossom Creative was saying, “I’d like my logo to include a pig who is just thrilled to have the power of lightning.”

We added her tagline “Sweet! Boom!” as well comic-inspired fonts and a curly-cue pig tail to the end of the Y in confectionery. The pinks and blues in her logo were reminiscent of classic bakery colors, but were fresh in combination with the energetic logo treatment.

Thunder Pig Confectionery’s packaging was designed to be simple and multi-use. Through these long write-in labels, a “Sweet! Boom!” lightning stamp, and a decorative pig sticker, Meg was able to flexibly label each of her products, whether they were in boxes or bags,

Thunder Pig's Success

Soon after launching, Thunder Pic Confectionery competed in Think Local First‘s StartUp Kitchen event, going head to head again several other pastry chefs and food entrepreneurs. Her marshmallow, whoopie pies, and brownies won the hearts of the judges, who picked Thunder Pig to have a month-long pop-up at Hello Cupcake in Capitol Hill.


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Thunder Pig's Flying Circus

For her pop-up at Hello Cupcake, Cherry Blossom Creative made a ringmaster Thunder Pig character, complete with a brocade jacket, top hat, and bullwhip. The pop-up was called Thunder Pig’s Flying Circus, and the decor and treats were all big top-themed, with bold stripes and classic treats. We even created a full-size cardboard standup of ringmaster Thunder Pig for customers to take pictures with!

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