Wise Owl Club Branding

Project Description

Wise Owl Club is a classic gentlemen’s barbershop in Adams Morgan, started and run by the Lauren the Lady Barber. Cherry Blossom Creative built out the brand collateral and storefront signage for the Wise Owl Club, creating business cards, pricing sheets, a custom chalkboard, and silver leafing window lettering. We also created some fun brand pieces, like buttons, an A-frame sign, and website design for www.wiseowlclub.com.

Project Details

Client Wise Owl Club Date November 2012 Skills Branding, Signage, Web View wiseowlclub.com

WOC Identity

The Wise Owl Club’s aesthetic was clean and classic, and they wanted design that was sparse and simple. We kept with a completely black and white style, with a simple stripe and focus on the logo. Their interior of the shop is also black, white, and a deep navy blue, and we kept in touch with the clean geometric style of the inside space. WOC also stocks incredible products for men from Mutiny DC for shaving and grooming.

The Website

Cherry Blossom Creative also design and developed the website for the Wise Owl Club, and kept with the clean black and white aesthetic, centered content, and typewriter font used in the rent of their brand.

The Site

Chalkboard Pricing Sign

Directly when you enter the shop, the first thing you see is a custom chalkboard pricing sign. We created the sign from an antique mirror, so the edges of the border show the reflected area. The pricing sign keeps it simple but elegant, with their shop motto: Fix up. Look sharp.

Silver Leaf Window Signage

Cherry Blossom Creative used a combination of cut vinyl and real silver leaf (not paint or imitation leaf!) to create gorgeous custom signage for the main window of the barbershop. We also created permanent graphics on an A-frame sign that could be written on and erased with daily hours and quotes.

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