The Project-Headline


Photo: Victoria Milko

 The owners of Chiqs approached us this winter to give their  healthy chickpea snack a new look as they prepared to take  their business to the next level.

 They were looking down the pipe that many small business entrepreneurs do: taking a big risk on a a dream they believe in.  Kaitlin Forster, the creator of Chiqs had invented a snack that really didn’t yet exist, in an exploding and competitive health-foods market.  You might think this would be a reasonably stressful project but working with Kaitlin and Mike on recreating their logo stands out as an exemplary client experience and here’s why…

Inspiration Header

We wanted to inspire that feeling  you get when looking into a beautiful yoga studio or walking into a spa: excitement over that refreshing, healthy feeling you know you’ll end up with, and the calm and reassurance over the fact that it’s actually just good for you.

Kaitlin has a love affair with with these calming green colors and though blues and greens are not generally “food colors” we searched for inspiration that would combine that cool calm with warmer, food-friendly colors.  As always, we turned to Pinterest to help sort and discuss inspiration with the client.


Inspiration-Fig:Wilder:ANjou photos

ADE ETC. Inspiration

We were all over these color palettes that successfully mixed blue hues with warmer, more lively colors. We were especially drawn to the illustrated elements of the “ADE” collateral and the whimsical scripted fonts in “Babees”


The Creation HEader


You have to start somewhere.  We always start on paper, even if our final is looking to feel more modern and refined- sketching it out on paper not only saves you time, but that physicality of putting pencil to paper just fires up those creative juices.  We love Pentel drafting pencils for drafting.


Next: Refine! Chiqs was quick to hone in on a circular shape and identified the joyful filigree as a sure-fire element.   We went through several rounds of what that decor looked like, how it would work within the shape and around the name.  Chiqs’ ability to quickly pick out what they were and were not looking for is a rare gift in the design world.  For the next round of sketches we presented ideas that played off of this.  We went through several variations for the hand-done font and landed on something bolder and clean to balance out the more complicated details surrounding it.



This isn’t even half of the color variations we played with.  We also considered textures such as burlap and kraft to compliment color choices.  Everyone has opinions (Salt n’ Peppa has a real good line about this read: None of Your Business) and the thing is- those opinions do matter when collecting data on a products look.  Color is always exciting, very fun but also potentially overwhelming with the endless options.



After choosing how to represent the chickpea, as well as the warmer accent color we were able to step back and settled on a stellar palette for this addictive, amazing snack.



Make use of it! First we sketched out rounds of possibilities and present them to the client 


unnamed-1We took the chance to feature the sunset orange color on the Chiqs stationary and business cards, and brought out the details within the logo to serve as water-mark like art on the stationary.

We are now moving onto the next big step in this brand build out: Packaging design.  There are so many logistical elements to consider in packaging, plus we got some gorgeous product photography from Victoria Milko

More to come from this great brand, and awesome owners. That means more cool stuff to get our little designer hands on.

In the meantime, look for these delicious snacks in stores like Union Kitchen Grocery, Glen’s Garden Market, and Yes! Organic.  Checkout our Twitter and Instagram @CherryBlossomHQ to catch sneak peaks of our newest works.